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Lovely Ladies' Mentorship Program


What is Lovely Ladies Mentorship

The LLM initiative focuses on topics that are relevant in a young lady’s life as they mature and navigate themselves through their adolescent years up into adulthood. We focus on creating a safe space for young girls to form a sense of independence. We have built a mentee to mentor program that offers exchange of knowledge, goals and challenges and develop a caring personal relationship with everyone. We strive to offer long term support and guidance from our mentors’. LLM is committed to breaking the cycle and barriers of knowledge and expectation that accompanies growth.



Our Mission

Our mission is to have every essence of our program come from the heart. We educate our target audience by using real life scenarios, through workshops, seminars and one on one discussions. Education is the foundation of our program and through education we offer health tips, forward thinking and reminders that self-esteem is built and not bought.



What We Offer

Our mentors will share the importance of leadership skills. We will introduce why leadership skills are important to learn overtime. Every moment with our mentors will help our students/mentees set a positive change in the world.

We focus on self-esteem building, as it impacts the decision-making process, your relationships, emotional health, and overall well-being. Our goal is to help our mentees and put them first. Students constantly learn to understand their potential and see the potential at the forefront of their thoughts.


We also understand that a strong household foundation is the starting block for success and every house hold is not the same; nothing is every cookie cutter. Our effort to effectively include topics on mother, father and children’s relationships will holds value and casts a widespread net across topics that can be both challenging and difficult to tap into. The mentors at LLM hold the key to inclusiveness and offer a foundation of trust to the students.


Relationships amongst peers are also vital during a child’s adolescent years, therefore we offer ongoing conversations that focus on the truth around them. We will share our personal perspectives on how good communication, constructive disagreements and respectful interactions are important in building a successful relationship of any kind.

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